Sep 09

SPANK ME (48 hours only)

I’m not a salesy kind of guy


And to be honest I hardly ever do something like this


So you can spank my bum and call me Charlie to be honest…




It’s Friday

I’m feeling good

I wanna help you out


So here’s the crack my friend


For the next 48 hours – that is until Sunday night


If you join the Busy Womens Weight Loss Club you will get your first month HALF PRICE


That means your first month is just a fiver


£5 English pounds


Bout the price of a kebab meat and chips with garlic sauce after a night out?


Which btw is absolutely disgusting 😉 haha


Here’s what you get in the Busy Womens Club


> Guidance and support to help you lose more weight and get slimmer


> Time saving tips so you can get things right without spending hours doing it


> Daily accountability to keep you on track and consistent


> Weekly recipes so that your healthy food always tastes amazing too


> Weekly workouts that you can do at home in less than 15 mins (getting fit AND saving time)


There’s a lot more other stuff that I can’t think of right now too haha




It’s only £5 for the first month if you sign up in the next 48 hours


Oh and if you don’t like it – you can SPANK me across the bum cheeks if you so wish


^^^ Weird guarantee but so what it’s Friday


Anyway head to this link to hop in:




If not, no worries


But this is coming down on Sunday


Enjoy your weekend







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