Sep 07

My broken toe :(

Been a bit crap this week – haven’t sent you an email yet


Problem is I broke my toe playing footy on Sunday (OUCH)


Which sucks


And is REALLY sore too ha


The consultant I saw said it was pretty much crush – nice ha


But I think its also a reminder that things don’t always go to plan


It’s not always sunshine and rainbows


And life sometimes throws shit at you




I could either let it throw me off track and put everything else on hold




I can react in a better way and work around it


(This is the same with anything by the way)


I’m still gunna make sure i eat right this week


I’ll still get a few workouts in – although I’ll obviously be limited on my lower half for a week or two


And I’m still gunna stay on track overall


Like I said shit will always crop up


It’s how you react that matters though


Do you let it throw you completely off track and put your goals on hold?


Or do you find a way to still make the most of it and make progress any which way you can?


Thing is my friend – losing weight isn’t easy


There’s always a few bumps in the road


But to be honest


If you’re committed to it


You have the right support around you


And you have help from someone to keep you on track


You can’t go far wrong


That’s exactly what we do here by the way:




It’s for women who want to lose weight but can’t find the time to exercise or spend hours in the kitchen


And it helps you lose more weight and get slimmer too


That’s all from me today






For the record yes it bloody hurts! Thanks for the sympathy 😉






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