Sep 16

My brutally honest opinion of fat burners

A few years ago I tried out some fat burning pills


The reason was so many people were asking my opinion on them


So I wanted to actually TRY them for myself so I can talk from experience…


I can’t remember the exact ones I used but to be fair they’re all just about the same


Some will have different type of ingredients


But mainly they are just caffeine (a stimulant to raise your heart rate)


And some kind of thermogenic (that makes your temperature rise)




My plan was to try these fat burners for about a week


Like a 7 day trial to see how it went and that


But I only actually lasted 4 days…


They made me feel like shit – so I stopped


Like I felt REALLY on edge and anxious from them


And I couldn’t stop sweating because they raise your heart rate and make you warmer too


The idea is that they make your body burn more calories that way


So then in turn you burn more fat


But it was pretty minging to be honest with ya


Do they work?


Obviously I didn’t use them long enough to tell really


But on the whole YES they will work


Look – there’s no way to directly target fat


So taking a fat burner won’t magically make your fat go away




The only way to burn fat is to burn more calories than you eat


Either by eating less, moving more – or doing a mixture of both




Fat burners while *might* help with that


It’s definitely NOT a long term solution though


The BEST way is to find something that you can stick to that is healthy and sustainable


Sounds cliché


But that is seriously way, WAY better than any fat burning pills


Fat burners are:


> Not healthy for your body (especially your heart)

> Not a long term solution

> Won’t magically make fat go away

> Give no guarantee they will work


Listen if you wanna go ahead and give them a shot hoping they are the magic pill for your weight loss


Go ahead


But I promise in a few weeks you’ll be back to square one


If however you want to learn how to lose more weight, get slimmer, fitter and healthier


WITHOUT stupid weight loss shakes or pills


You should go here: http://www.bodyevolvefitness.co.uk/busy-women


For £10 you’re guaranteed to lose more weight than ever – or your money back


That’s it from me


Enjoy your weekend my friend









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