Aug 24

A stone and a half down for Lynda

This was posted in our private Body Evolve Babes facebook group from Lynda Henderson the other day:




“Just 1 pound away from a stone and a half lost since January (when I joined) and 5 stone since February 2015”



Pretty sweet right? ^^


I mean, losing a stone and a half is one thing…


But FIVE STONE in around 18 months is incredible – and to be honest is pretty life changing


Like being able to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes that actually FIT


Being able to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath


And being MUCH more confident in your body


The cool thing is results like this are REGULAR as part of the Body Evolve group


In fact Elaine one of our other members posted that same day saying:


“Got in some skinny size 12’s this morning that have been gathering dust for ages! Woop!”


So yeh – joining Body Evolve = results like the above


But here’s the thing —>


Body Evolve is only for you if you are willing to commit to change


It’s NOT for you if you are one of those people that jumps at every new weight loss shake that comes out


(Remember Juice Plus?)


A big part of what we do at Body Evolve is based around long term weight loss


AND having fun and enjoying it along the way…


So if you’re wanting to lose more weight, get slimmer and feel more confident than ever


Click here:






PS – Got a question about it? Hit reply and ask away…




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