Aug 26

The simplest way to lose weight…

There’s pretty much THREE ways to lose weight




Just three and they are:


1 Eat less


2 Move more


3 A combination of 1 and 2


THAT is literally as simplest it can be


I mean obviously theres a bit more to it than that sometimes (like sleep and recovery etc.)


BUT the simple fact is


If you eat less you’ll lose weight


If you move more you’ll lose weight


If you eat less and move more you’ll lose weight


People tend to complicate it and make it seem a lot more confusing than it actually is


Fuck knows why


Don’t get me wrong – I’m saying it CAN be simple by doing one of the above


But, but, but


It’s definitely NOT easy


Far from it – in fact losing weight is pretty fucking hard at times


Having to make sacrifices, committing to it, being patient, sticking at it


It can be tough


That’s why I help people to STAY on track, to stay committed and to stay consistent


I do that by making things as simple and easy to do as possible


And give the right guidance and support along the way (with the odd kick up the arse too HA)


Need help?


Drop me a reply and we’ll chat


If not – good luck with it


Enjoy your bank holiday weekend sister







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