Aug 31

The most important meal of the day?

Apparently its breakfast


You know who says that – mainly cereal companies 😉


But most people go along with that to be fair


And while I do think breakfast is important


I don’t think it’s the MOST important meal of the day




Cos when it comes to weight loss EVERY meal is important


Like having a good breakfast then eating shit all day isn’t the way to go really is it? Ha




Breakfast definitely is important


It sets you up for the day and starts your day right so you can continue that


So heres what you should focus on for brekky


– DON’T skip it


You’ll end up hungrier and cravings later in the day


– Get protein in


It’ll keep you fuller longer


– Dont go too carb heavy


Toast and cereal? Not the best as you’ll be hungry again mid morning




So really the focus is on starting off right


AND making sure you dont get hungry later and end up eating more


Its like the old phrase


Start right, end right, right? Ha


If you need some ideas for breakfast (and other meals too)


The Body Evolve Recipe Book has THIRTY breakfast recipes


AND thirty lunch and tea ideas too


Get it for only £20 here:




That’s it for today








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