Aug 25

Bake Off Is Back! [healthy recipe inside]

It returned to the screens last night


Paul Hollywood discussing consistency of bread


And Mary Berry talking about layers of cakes


It sounds shit but when you LOVE food its a dream come true right?


I’m not much of a baker and to be honest I’m not even that into sweet stuff like cakes


But even so its really cool to see the different stuff they make


And I just love watching cooking shows too


Problem is when you’re trying to be good and stay healthy its hard


Especially watching shows like Bake Off that make your mouth dribble… HA




I’ve got this healthy chocolate dessert recipe for ya to try out


Here’s how to make it Sister…




Half a tin of coconut milk/cream

Raw cocoa powder

Berries to serve


TIP: if the coconut milk has separated (there is some water and some thick cream separate) then you need to warm it first so it is all mixed


How to make it:


1. Take half a tin of coconut milk and place it in a tub you could serve it in and add around 5-10g of cocoa and mix it thoroughly.


Be careful not to add too much as it can get bitter if there is too much cocoa (you can add sweetener to it if you want to)


2. Place in the freezer for between 1 and 2 hours until thick and it has set


3.Serve with some berries – blueberries, strawberries, raspberries whatever you choose


Now you can enjoy your own chocolate dessert and not feel too guilty…


For more awesome, tasty AND healthy recipes check out the Body Evolve Recipe book here:




Bye for now hotlips







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