Aug 30

3 steps to get on track after Bank Holiday

Duno about you but I enjoyed my bank holiday


I hope you did too


I’m not sure why but the August bank hol always seems best


Maybe cos its still summer AND its the last bank hol of the year


Till Christmas (can’t believe how close that is now)




I’m not gunna lie


I had a pretty heavy weekend – booze, food and all


Which was *kind of* expected


But I didn’t actually PLAN on it being as heavy as it was haha


I’m sure you’ve done that before?


So basically my plan to not go OTT, and not go completely off track didn’t work


You gotta have a life right?


Shit happens


Thing is – its not about when you go off track


Cos everyone does at some point


It’s about what you do AFTER that to get back on track


Here’s what I suggest you do this week to get back on track after the Bank Hol…


1 Do the basics first


Drink more water again

Get more fruit and veg again

Get more sleep again


All of this will get you back on track and balance out the weekend ASAP


2 Plan your week


I say this a lot but if you do things on the fly it’s a lot harder to stay on track


(As I proved with my weekend shenanigans ha)


So if you plan out your week you are MUCH more likely to stay on track again


Plan your meals, snacks even workouts


That way you know what to do and when


Which is a big help


3 Get sweaty


Or just get more active


This should be a big focus after a heavy weekend


Cos you get your body moving, get sweaty and really do counteract all the bad stuff




4 Don’t worry too much


Fact is you gotta have a life and if you get straight back on track straight away it won’t effect you too much


Like I said before whats more important is not letting it roll on


Forget it and get straight back to it


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It’s what we at the Busy Womens Weight Loss Club:




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See ya sister







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