Monthly Archive: May 2016

May 31

My Dirty Weekend

Just got back yesterday from a long weekend in Magaluf   Had an awesome time too   Blazing sunshine, plenty of drinks and good nights out with good friends   But honestly right now I’m feeling it   It’s kinda like 4 hangovers rolled into one   So I’m guessing I’m not going to feel …

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May 25

All packed and ready to go

So tomorrow morning I’m getting on a plane to jet off for the weekend   To the lovely island of Mallorca…   Well I’m going to Magaluf actually haha   6am flight too – looking forward to that (not)   So I’ve done all my packing – got my vest to show off my guns …

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May 23

For Foods Sake (Recipe Inside)

I love food. You probably already know that – and to be fair I could eat myself into a food coma if I allowed myself to haha   But I do love looking and feeling good a bit more to be fair and that’s why I don’t   I wanna be healthy and feel and …

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May 19

The REAL Reason You Fail

It’s probably not what you think to be honest…   If you’re “failing” right now   And struggling with your weight loss   Or maybe yo-yoing up and down not really getting anywhere   And like I said its not what you think   It’s not that you need to do more ‘stuff’ – thats …

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May 18

You’re Full Of Sh*t

Sorry to tell you   But its true   Don’t worry you’re not the only one though   Most people are full of shit – and I’ll tell you how   If I was to ask you what’s holding you back right now from losing more weight and getting the body confidence you want…   …

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May 17

Running Out Of Time?

The one thing we can’t get back is time right?   And if you haven’t already been thinking about getting in shape for the summer   Or for your holidays…   Hate to tell you but times running out   And it’ll soon come around   So if right now you feel embarrassed and a …

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May 16

Why you should probably opt out

Yep – gunna tell you today why you should probably opt out of getting my emails   See, I send you an email every week day   Sometimes stories and why that applies to you   Sometimes actual tips and tactics to lose more weight   Sometimes just a straight up brag about what we …

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May 15

Are You A Busy Woman?

This could be for you   Then again it might not be…   Earlier this week I had an idea (I know crazy right?)   Basically I wanted somewhere that I could help more people who aren’t able to work with me direct because they don’t have the time or can’t afford it   Cos …

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May 13

How to lose 5lbs in the next week

First up – this it NOT a trick or gimic   Or a “buy my brand new herbal-full-of-shit drink and you’ll see miracle weight loss”   You should know by now I’m not into that   This however is something you can do VERY easily that will help you and your weight loss in the …

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May 11

Sorry – you missed out :(

If you didn’t come to my free weight loss talk yesterday you missed out   I shared what I believe has the power to help people transform their body shape and be confident again   On top of that I gave away some pretty fucking awesome prizes   Wish I was in the prize draw …

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