Monthly Archive: April 2016

Apr 28

You coming or what?

You must have heard by now…   I’m holding a FREE weight loss talk for yo-yo dieters who are stuck and unsure what to do   And want to know how to lose more weight, get slimmer and get their confidence back   Remember its being held Tuesday 10th May at 7pm and is held …

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Apr 22

It’s Happening!

If you saw my email the other day I was “putting out the feelers”   Which I think sounds a bit creepy…   But it was just to test the water on a weight loss talk I’m looking at holding   Got a pretty good response from my email and the Facebook posts I put …

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Apr 20

Would you come? [free talk]

Basically sending this email as a way of ‘putting out the feelers’   Whatever that means   But yeh just wanted to ask if this would be something you’d come to…   I’m looking at holding a FREE weight loss talk on Tuesday 10th May at 7pm   I’m going to talk about ‘How To …

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Apr 18

Lessons from my stinking hangover at the weekend

I don’t drink often…   So when I do it tends to leave me praying for my life the next day   And at the weekend me and some of the Body Evolve crew went out for a bit of socialising   Italian meal and a few drinks   And you know I’m a big …

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Apr 13

Have you seen this yet?

So last week it was in the news about how food labelling isn’t good   Or at least isn’t very clear   Like how much “stuff” is in the food   (Stuff being calories, sugar, fat etc.)   And I do agree – its not great is it?   It’s a bit confusing and you …

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Apr 12

“I’m so unfit”

Got an email yesterday saying:   “I’m unsure if Body Evolve would be right for me as I’m just so unfit”   I get it   When you’re really unfit the thought of going along to the gym or a class can be a bit daunting and make you think you might be better off …

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Apr 11

Why you’re stuck

If you’re stuck right now I’m hoping this helps you realise what you need   I’ve spoke to a lot of people in the last week   And all of them had the same thing to say about their weight and their body   They feel stuck   (Maybe you’re the same?)   And the …

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Apr 08

16 PROVEN ways to lose more weight

If you want to lose more weight you want something thats PROVEN right?   Instead of trying to newest bullshit product to come out which is more likely to just leave you hungry and frustrated…   So cos I’m here to help (and go against the restrictive, starve yourself diets and shakes)   Here’s 16 …

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Apr 06

How to make Slimming World work for you…

I’ve spoken to ALOT of people over the last week   Both about the new programme I’m launching and about the Body Evolve group too   (By the way you should probably go here if you want help getting slimmer and toned for summer:   And one of the most common things that came …

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Apr 04

Email from Lauren

Got this in my inbox last week from Lauren:   “Hi, love your emails they really help when I need some motivation I wanted to ask you something because I’m not really losing much weight and don’t know what to do. My clothes fit better and I feel better in myself but my weight isn’t …

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