Monthly Archive: March 2016

Mar 30

WATCH: The Basics Of Weight Loss

So last night I started the brand new video series – Weight Loss Made Simple   In the group which is also called Weight Loss Made Simple (funny that isn’t it?)   There’s gunna be more videos in the series spilling some knowledge about how to lose more weight, get slimmer and get healthier – …

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Mar 29

I’m Sorry (I’ve Failed You)

Gotta hold my hands up here my friend   I’m a failure   And I’m sorry   See I usually pride myself on sending you helpful, motivational and useful emails   That help you to lose more weight and get slimmer   Even if its just a gentle reminder to be good and stay on …

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Mar 23

She Left Me :(

It’s no surprise really is it?   It was only last week I was saying that you should unsubscribe IF you don’t want to get useful and helpful emails direct to your inbox every week day   I mean I’m not the only one who thinks my emails are wickedly awesome   I get a …

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Mar 21

About Yesterday

So the day after derby day – always a struggle   And I posted this in the ‘Weight Loss Made Simple’ Facebook group earlier so wanted to share with you too   (If you aren’t in the group yet click the name and it will take you there)   “Yesterday my “diet” consisted of:   …

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Mar 18

I Felt Like A Beached Whale…

Speaking with someone earlier this week chatting about joining us at Body Evolve and looking at the Summer Body Plan with us   (She filled out this form here:   And she said this:   “I don’t want to go away on holiday and feel like a beached whale when I lie on the …

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Mar 17

The shocking truth about fat burners

Lets get down to some serious business hotlips   This little beast rears its head every now and then….   And I’ve been asked like 3 times in the last week – Emma, Sarah and Liz emailed me about the dreaded fat burns or fat loss pills   Obviously there’s different brands but they’re all …

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Mar 16

Stuck In NYC With No Way Home…

I think it was in back in 2010 (back when I was 21)   Me and the fam had gone to New York City over in the U.S. of A as a get away for my 21st birthday   To see the sights and all the glitz and glamour of ‘The Empire State’   Statue …

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Mar 15

The Simple Way To Get A Flatter Belly

“Just do a thousand sit ups and you’ll have a flat belly”   WRONG ^^^   The amount of people I’ve spoken to recently who want to get a flatter belly (especially for summer)   I can’t even count on both hands (thats more than 10 btw ;])   But I bet ALL of them …

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Mar 14

You’re Full Of Sh*t!

Powerful right?   And gets you pissed off immediately too   It’s something someone said to me a while ago now though   And it really struck me   That reaction you get when someone calls you out – and says you’re full of shit   At first I wanted to punch them but then …

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Mar 11

Please stop emailing me

Had one or two of these emails this week   And I do get them from time to time   Just saying “please stop emailing me”   Which is polite enough…   Least they say please 😉   (Some aren’t quite as polite haha)   BUT it does kinda blow my mind when I get …

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