Monthly Archive: January 2016

Jan 28

My Unusual Tips For Getting Slim

I hear some of the stuff out there about diet or losing weight   And it just makes me think WTF…   Cos they make no sense   Eat ‘speed foods’ to lose more weight…   Drink lemon juice on an empty stomach and lose more weight…   Take 2 special capsules a day to …

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Jan 26

Avoiding The Dreaded Binge

One of the biggest struggle most dieters face is the dreaded binge…   Being good all week and feeling great about things   Then the weekend comes and you just binge and binge on anything and everything   This is usually what causes that yo-yo effect with your weight too   Losing some then piling …

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Jan 25

Wayback Week Pics

Last week there was shit loads of pictures flying about of everyone when they were younger   Because apparently it was “wayback week”   (If you didn’t see my pic of when I was young check my Facebook)   There was some real corkers like   Especially some of the fashion – I had a …

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Jan 22

Addicted To Chocolate

Sometimes people tell themselves reasons they can’t lose weight…   It’s genetics… (or it runs in the family)   I’m too old…   I’ve always been this way…   There are loads of reason that I hear all the time   (Whether you believe them is down to you though – ANYONE can lose weight …

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Jan 21

Do You Hate Me?

Got a favour to ask if thats okay   But first – do you hate me?   I’m asking cos for some reason the last few weeks or so these emails I’ve been sending (daily)   Less are being read than usual   And that’s cool – I get that you’re busy and its January …

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Jan 20

12 Reasons Your Weight Is Stuck

If you’re weight is stuck and just won’t budge even if you feel that you’re being good and trying   It’s frustrating and annoying   And can leave you kinda unsure what to do about it   Especially when its mid-January and it makes you consider if you just give up or not   So …

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Jan 19

Are Egg Yolks Bad For You?

Got this question just last night in our Body Evolve Babes members group on Facebook   Lyndsay was asking “whats the crack with eggs and egg yolks?” (see the pun there?)   She was asking if we should drop the yolks and just have the egg white   Or if yolks are actually okay…   …

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Jan 18

A January Diet That Actually Works?

We are almost 3 weeks into January now   Today is supposedly ‘Blue Monday’ – the Monday everyone is most depressed   Cos its dark, its cold, its January and everyone is still paying off Christmas and skint till next pay day   And I guess its getting to a point of make or break …

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Jan 15

Question from Helen

Got this email earlier this week from Helen:   “What do you think about diet pop? I heard sweeteners aren’t great”   And this is a really good question   Which is why I’m sending an email about it   Duno if you know but recently Pepsi stopped using a specific sweetener called aspartame in …

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Jan 14

4 Steps To A Flatter Belly

The most common problem area people want to drop their flab from is their belly   I hear it all the time   “Wish I could just get rid of this belly”   Getting a smaller waist and a flatter belly is one of the main aims (alongside weight obvz)   Belly, kite, gut whatever …

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