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Sep 30

The 3 Best Apps To Help You Lose Weight

Remember the days when you’d actually use a pen and paper to write notes and reminders instead of your iPhone (or other smart techy phone)   Technology is taking over   It’s gunna be like in Terminator soon where the technology starts a revolution against mankind   Well maybe not but ya know   It …

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Sep 29

Was That You I Saw At McDonalds?

Driving to the massive Tesco just down the road from mine the other day   You know the one with McDonalds right next to it   Funnily enough theres also a gym attached to it too…   Which seems a bit backwards – supermarket, mcdonalds, gym   Hmmmmmm   Anyway so I was driving down …

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Sep 28

When You Feel Like A Failure

Every time you hit a setback it can make you feel shit   Stepping on the scales after being so good to see you haven’t lost (or god forbid actually put ON)   It’s a big disappointment   And really makes you feel like a failure…   Sometimes it can even make you feel like …

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Sep 25


Duno if you’ve seen this show thats been on Channel 4 the last few weeks   It’s called “Hunted”   And the show is about normal people going on the run from this team of expert trackers and investigators to try and not get captured for 30 days…   The whole point is to kind …

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Sep 24

How To Get A Flat Belly (The Easy Way)

Right my little friend   Today I’m gunna drop some info for you on how to get rid of your belly and make it flatter and slimmer (the easy way)   I duno about you but I don’t like it when I sit down and my belly is overhanging my jeans and it just get …

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Sep 23

The Final 100 (Are You Ready For It?)

So incase you weren’t aware (I wasn’t till someone pointed it out)   We are now into the FINAL 100 days of the year…   Yep its double digits left in 2015 my friend – that means less than 100 haha   And actually today is the FIRST day of Autumn too (it definitely feels …

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Sep 22

Gimme A KISS

Nothing better than KISS   Not talking about snogging though (but that’s good too)   But KISS stands for – Keep It Simple Stupid   Cos the thing is sister   When it comes to dieting, losing weight and getting in shape its REALLY easy to complicate things   Looking for the newest diet or …

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Sep 21

Why I HATE Exercise

Bit of a strange thing for me to say probably…   Since I’m a weight loss and fitness coach and a big part of what I do is around fitness and exercise   But here’s the thing about exercise sister   Its hard and its challenging – sometimes you’ve got to push yourself and feel …

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Sep 18

What happened to Chloe, Jane and Shaunny

Don’t think I’ve told you about what happened to these three awesome dudettes since they joined Body Evolve   Well Chloe said of her results:   “So I’m super happy with my before and after pics! Although I’m still slim in the first I’m much more toned now and feel confident putting a bikini on! …

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Sep 17

When You Have One Of Those Days…

You ever have them days where you feel like shit and kind of blerrrgh…   Well I’m not gunna lie – I’ve had a couple of them days this week   For whatever reason   Just feeling tired, run down and stuff getting on top of me   It happens right?   It’s life   …

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