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Aug 28

3 Simple Ways To Kick Start September

I absolutely LOVE summer…   Its like longer days, more sun, warmer weather, holidays and more stuff going on   But September will pretty much mark the end of summer   And getting back to normality and a routine   Cos with loadsa stuff going on over summer, your weight loss and fitness probably took …

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Aug 27

Why I Don’t Masturdate

Yep you read that right sister   But notice that it uses a D and not a B   Cos that’s something totally different haha   But ‘masturdating’ is actually going out alone with yourself on a date…   Maybe to a restaurant for a meal to enjoy on your own   Or to go …

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Aug 26

Get Your Life Back Next Week?

Get your life back next week?   Next week will mark the start of September   So officially that means the end of summer – I know it sucks   But it’s kind of a return to normality   Especially if you have kids going back to school (or you’re a teacher like a few …

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Aug 25

Why ‘Budget Gyms’ SUCK

There’s LOADS of ‘budget gyms’ popping up recently   Places that rhyme with Sure Gym and Exercise for Mess seem to be getting more and more   And actually they’re getting more and more popular   See these ‘budget gyms’ are stupidly cheap   I think they’re even as cheap as like £9 a month… …

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Aug 24

The Split Of 1D

Hate to be the bearer of bad news if you haven’t heard yet   But the rumour is that One Direction are “taking a break” soon   In other words, splitting up   I haven’t been this gutted since JLS announced they were splitting   (Note the sarcasm there)   I mean with hits like …

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Aug 21

“I Just Don’t Have Enough Time”

Heard that one before?   You’ve probably said it yourself   I know I’ve said it a few times myself to be fair   Ya know like when it comes to exercising or eating right you just don’t have enough time to do it all   I get it Sister   You’re busy   You …

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Aug 20

Worst Exam Results EVER…

It must of been about this time 5 years ago I think when I was getting my A Level results from college   And I just remember being absolutely gutted about them   I was predicted to do really well   Cos in my coursework I’d pretty much got full marks (yeh smart arse I …

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Aug 18

7 Essentials To Losing More Weight

When you want to drop fat it CAN seem complicated   It doesn’t have to be though hotlips   Infact it can be pretty simple…   But that doesn’t mean its EASY (note the difference)   However I wanted to lay down 7 essentials you need to know to drop more fat   AND keep …

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Aug 14

‘Open For Business’ (Straight Talking)

Gotta be honest – I don’t do this that often   Where I’m gunna cut straight to the chase my friend   But thing is – if you’re still here after yesterdays email   Where I encouraged those who don’t want, can’t or won’t commit to change   Then I guess you’re probably interested in …

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Aug 14

Question from Anonymous

Got an email in my inbox yesterday   From ‘anonymous’…   I say that because there was no name and the email address just read – rlg90@…   I won’t put the full email incase you start dropping spam to them 😉   Not that you’d do that but gotta be safe ya see – …

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