Monthly Archive: June 2015

Jun 30

Tea That Makes You Pregnant?

Kinda big news right now…   All about those special tea’s or teatox products that gets you pregnant   Basically it cancels out the pill because of the “side effects”   They’re kind of all the rage after Michelle Keegan (among others) used these teas to get slim for her wedding and that   I …

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Jun 29

Email from Kirsty

“Whats the best way to target my thighs? They never seem to change”   Got that question on an email from Kirsty last week   And I thought I’d answer it here cos I’m sure other people can relate to that too   Its a good point that Kirsty makes because even if you lose …

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Jun 26

Two Bags Of Dog Turd

So if you didn’t already know I’ve got a dog called Archie   A little west highland terrier – he’s nee bother at all   Apart from he proper cries when he wants a walk or anything   So me being the awesome owner that I am…   I try to take him out round …

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Jun 24

My iPhone Told Me I’m Fat

Not sure if you’ve seen this but there’s now this app on iPhone I wanna tell you about   I hadn’t noticed it before   But the other day I saw it and decided to have a look   Its that ‘health’ app with the little heart icon   If you don’t have an iPhone …

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Jun 23

“Welcome to Jurassic World”

So I went to see Jurassic world with me dad last week   Since I’m such a mint son obviously…   If you haven’t seen it I really recommend it – might even be better than the original?   I know it’s a classic but the new one is pretty awesome   Like the effects …

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Jun 22

Why Diets Don’t Work

If you’re going on a diet (or are on a diet) good luck to you   Cos they don’t work…   Lemme explain though cupcake   There’s any number of different diets out there right?   Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Atkins and the like   Or even the Grapefruit Diet or Tea Leaf Diet…   …

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Jun 19

It’s Your Own Fault

Lets not beat around the bush here sister   Since it is Friday lets just dive into it   Something I was talking to a friend about the other day is how whatever position we are in right now   Its our own fault   So right now if you aren’t happy its your own …

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Jun 18

Don’t Be A Dick

Probably the biggest thing that I’ve learned this year my friend   Is to not be a dick – to yourself   Don’t be horrible to yourself in other words   I used to do it all the time (I still do it to be fair just not as often)   And I’m pretty sure …

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Jun 17

The C Word

It’s a word thats a bit taboo and seen as the devil   It’s probably not what you think you potty mouthed bugga…   The C word = carbs   And yeh when it comes to dieting and trying to lose weight carbs are seen as the devil   For whatever reason   It used …

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Jun 16

OMG Game of Thrones (Big Shock)

Don’t worry if you don’t watch Game of Thrones this is still cool   AND don’t worry if you DO watch Game of Thrones but aren’t up to date   I’m not the type of person to send out SPOILERS or anything   I hate that don’t you sister?   Why spoil it for other …

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