Monthly Archive: May 2015

May 31

My Own Personal Journey (Scared To Share)


Bit of a hard one to share this one my friend   And to be honest a little scary putting myself out there like this – cos like I said its a personal journey   But it’s probably good to be completely open and honest cos it might help you   Last week I posted …

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May 30

Top tips for the Race for Life tomorrow

So since its the Race for Life tomorrow…   And a lot of people are doing it – are you too?   People have mentioned they are getting a little nervous and worried about it   So I thought I’d put together some top tips for you   Then you can go do it and …

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May 29

Lying to yourself

The ultimate dieting sin is lying to yourself my friend   (Well kind of anyway)   You ever said stuff like…   “I don’t have time to have breakfast”   “I don’t have time to exercise”   “I can’t eat healthy cos it’s too expensive”   (HATE that last one btw)   If you say …

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May 28

Is ‘thinspiration’ ruining your weight loss?

As we move closer to summer (even though you wouldn’t know it with the weather)   More and more people are posting their “thinspiration” for their summer body   Usually some fitness chick in nothing but a bikini running along a beach   I mean I aint complaining…   But all these pictures people post …

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May 27

What do you do when you feel like sh*t?

Not sure if I told you but last week I went away for a long weekend to Magaluf…   4 days of drinking non-stop, very little sleep and a pretty minging diet too   And its safe to say I’ve felt like shit the last few days – only just starting to feel human now …

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May 20

Diets Do NOT Work

First thing you think of when you think of losing some weight?   I’m guessing its going to be “going on a diet”   Or maybe even doing a bit more exercise…   But a diet is usually the first port of call right?   What if I told you that ‘diets’ do NOT work… …

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May 20

“I Fall Down On Weekends”

I know A LOT of people will definitely relate to this one   And I’m hoping its good timing because we approaching a bank holiday weekend too   It’s a comment I hear a lot tbh   About falling down on weekends – not literally hopefully   Although I’ve seen plenty people falling over their …

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May 19

Why I’m NOT a Personal Trainer

Pretty often I get asked “what exactly do you do?”   People see my posts on Facebook and these emails and kinda GUESS or assume that I’m a ‘personal trainer’   But you shouldn’t assume cos it makes an ASS out of U and ME   (Shit joke, soz)   Cos I’m definitely NOT a …

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May 18

So you want proof?

Got a comment from someone the other day saying   “You sound like you know what you’re talking about but can you prove what you say works”   Which is fair enough tbh   I could be spouting any old bullshit (kinda like those other cheapskate fitness trainers)   And without backing it up with …

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May 15

Why you SHOULD give a sh*t what people think

We’re always hearing about why we shouldn’t care what other people think of us   And while that sounds like decent advice   I’m gunna tell you its not true   And why you SHOULD give a shit what people think of you   Stay with me on this my friend   See, the reason …

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