Monthly Archive: March 2015

Mar 31

Welome to Rantville

  Step in ladies and gentlemen and please let me welcome you to…   Rantville – population one (that would be me)   See today is gunna be somewhat of a RANT from my good self about something I seen on the old Facebook yesterday   I mean tbf there’s probably PLENTY I could rant …

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Mar 31

No More Free Trial

    Yep the risk free trial weeks with Body Evolve are no more   Actually haven’t had one for a few months now   Even though it was something we did quite regularly for people interested in seeing what we do   To give them a chance get a taste of what we do …

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Mar 27

The REAL Truth About Calories

Did you see that show that was on last night on BBC?   It was called ‘The Truth About Calories’   And it was all about how companies work out the calories for their food products   And actually if the info on the packets are even right…   Which according to this programme some …

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Mar 26

The Hobbit and Your Weight Loss

Not sure if you know but I am a HUGE fan of The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings   And all things middle earth to be honest   I’m actually a full on nerd and not afraid to admit it HA   But part of the whole story for The Hobbit is the …

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Mar 25

Probably Not For You

“What makes you so different from anyone else?”   Something I was asked by a very smart dude and friend of mine the other day about Body Evolve   And it really got me thinking…   Like there’s so many different around for your weight loss and fitness goals   Why are we at Body …

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Mar 24

Email from Lauren

  Got this email/question from Lauren last week (hi Lauren btw)   “I’m trying to lose weight, I’m eating well and I’m doing a lot of running but my weight is stuck and I’m not losing anything what can I do?”   Now ^^THAT^^ is a quite common thing   And there’s nout worse than …

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Mar 20

Curb Your Hunger Monster

Woke up this morning and aside from looking like I’d been pulled through a bush backwards   Which is just like every morning (I swear I must have a fight with my duvet in my sleep)   But I was also a full on Hunger Monster…   To give you an idea its kind of …

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Mar 18

Frankie Says, Relax

I’m not quite old enough to remember Frankie Goes To Hollywood   But I’ve seen plenty of those t-shirts with their phrase on the front   Saying “Frankie Says RELAX”   Obviously popular in the 80’s but they were popular again a few years ago   I didn’t have one like – I was never …

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Mar 17

“Stop Sending Me Junk”

  Got that EXACT email from someone yesterday ^^^   Someone who gets my daily, helpful, motivating and actionable emails straight to her inbox   Let’s just call her Miss Twisty Knickers since she clearly got her knickers in a twist   So Miss Twisty Knickers emailed me asking to stop sending her junk   …

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Mar 16

Car Crash :(

On Friday my mam was involved in a hit and run…   Luckily she was fine though   But its pretty annoying even so like   This guy bumped into the back of her at some traffic lights   And then when my mam got out to see what happened he said there was no …

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