Monthly Archive: February 2015

Feb 27

3 Weight Loss Mistakes You Might Be Making

Before you get all defensive dude   This is gunna be a point the finger and tell you’re doing it wrong   Cos that won’t help anyone   I’m gunna lay out 3 mistakes that you might be making with your weight loss   That could be holding you back from losing more weight, getting …

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Feb 26

Did you see her fall? (Ma-Gonna)

Duno if you saw the Brits last night cupcake   I didn’t like cos I was out for my little bros 18th birthday with the family   (Was up way past my bed time for a school night as well)   But what I DID see was a clip of Madonna’s performance…   And the …

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Feb 25

Email from Kayleigh

“Hey can you give me some information on what you do at Body Evolve and times and price lists etc.   I need some help to start losing weight soon”   Got that email from Kayleigh the other day   But if I had a quid for every email or message on Facebook asking this …

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Feb 20

Stroke the snake and pet the pussy…

Right before you start thinking I’m a weirdo (if you didn’t already)   Or you start thinking that along side being a weight loss specialist I’ve started moonlighting as a pimp at a brothel…   Let me explain…   “You need to stroke the snake and pet the pussy before you get to hug the …

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Feb 19

Who Killed Lucy?

Pretty much what everyone is talking about right now…   Is about Eastenders and who killed Lucy   I don’t watch Eastenders dude – I don’t watch any of the soaps tbh   I never have for some reason   Usually I prefer shows with gangsters and drugs or dragons and fighting like Sopranos or …

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Feb 18

5 Real and PROVEN Steps To Getting Slimmer…

…without giving up your social life   It has FINALLY come – just as promised   Even though I promised it last week and we are now the middle of this week   But better late than never right?   This is something I spoke about at the seminar earlier this month   And something …

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Feb 16

Email from Vicky

“I know what I need to do I just cant do it”   Got that email from Vicky last week – but tbh I emails and messages like that all the time   And since it pops up a lot I thought it would be a good idea to write an email about it   …

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Feb 12

They’re Wrong

No matter WHAT you do ‘they’ will always say something…   Well I’m gunna tell you that they’re wrong my friend   I’m sure you know who ‘they’ are cupcake   ‘They’ are the ones who try to put you down, or put you off for doing something   ‘They’ are the ones who tell …

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Feb 11

Morning Glory (Not What You Think)

Get your head out the gutter before you even start dude   I’m not talking about me pitching a tent on a morning…   Morning glory is more about what you do on a morning to set you up for the day   Or like your morning routine kinda thing   It’s a REALLY important …

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Feb 09

Bad News :(

You don’t wanna hear bad news first thing on a Monday morning   But I gotta break it to you…   Cos I’ve been saying for a while that this would be happening soon and this is it   The start of March is gunna be the LAST free trial week that we do – …

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