Monthly Archive: January 2015

Jan 30

I Felt Like Just Walking Out

Few years ago when I was just starting to get into fitness   (And before I knew the stuff I know now)   I had joined a gym and decided to give one of the classes a go   I went for AB ATTACK – cos I wanted to get a ripped six pack 😉 …

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Jan 29

“What Can I Expect?”

Got an email this morning from Nicole who was asking about the seminar on Tuesday…   “I’m not sure what to expect at the seminar could you tell me more…”   And I thought others might be thinking the same   So I’m gunna tell you exactly what to expect when you come along on …

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Jan 28

About Your Seat Next Week

Hopefully by now you aren’t sick of me banging on 😉   But I only do it to help you my friend   See next Tuesday it is going down…   (Whatever ‘it’ is)   But it’s definitely going down – or so the saying goes   Of course Tuesday is the seminar I’m holding …

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Jan 26

Email from Sarah

“This seminar sounds really good and I was wondering do you think it’s worth me coming?”   ^^^ That’s a reply I got from Sarah after my email last week about the seminar I’m holding on 3rd Feb   You’ll remember I said at the seminar I’ll be talking about “the truth about weight loss” …

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Jan 14

NOT What You Want To See

We’ve all been there I’m sure   And its definitely NOT what you want to see   I’m talking about when you step on the scale and the number shows either NO difference or weight put ON   It’s a killer right?   Especially when you think you’ve been really “good” all week   And …

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Jan 09

Email from Cheryl

“Your emails are really good and I like reading them I’m interested in joining you at Body Evolve   But was just wondering if you could tell me abit more about what you do and what I would get if I joined”   Got this email the middle of this week from Cheryl   And …

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Jan 08

“Have you put weight on?”

Those dreaded words – I heard them earlier this week   Saw a friend of mine for the first time this year and she asked “have you put weight on?”   NOT what you wanna hear right?   And I kinda wanted to cry into my salad…   I mean I did enjoy myself over …

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Jan 05

Why I’ve Made ZERO New Year Resolutions

Told ya last Friday that I’ve made zero new year resolutions   And to some that might seem a little strange yeh?   Cos it’s the done thing   It’s a new year so you gotta make resolutions   That’s what most people do at the start of the year   But here’s why I …

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