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Dec 17

I Survived The All You Can Eat

Went out for a meal last night for my friends birthday   We all went to Aneesa’s in Shields – which is like Indian and curries and stuff   But you can get other stuff like pizza, chips, fish fingers and stuff (which is weird I thought)   The key thing here is it was …

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Dec 16

The Joys Of Xmas Shopping

  Went to the Metro Centre on Saturday morning to get my Christmas shopping done   I’ve been really unorganised this year and hadn’t bought ANY presents   So I decided I had to go other wise Christmas would have to be cancelled   And I aint no scrooge my friend   Luckily I’m pretty …

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Dec 15

One Last Time

Yesterday I went to the pictures to see a film I had been waiting for a long time to see   The final Hobbit film – the battle of the five armies   I was so excited about it   Making the final trip to middle earth – “one last time”   And it didn’t …

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Dec 12

Don’t Make The Same Mistake

Was speaking with one of my friends yesterday about our favourite Christmas songs   What’s your favourite Christmas song?   You ever realise how all the old ones are the best?   There’s never really any new ones…   There was a few thrown about when we talked about it   Elton John – step …

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Dec 11

Hate The Gym?

You aren’t alone on that one dude   And people are always shocked when I tell them I hate the gym too   But don’t get me wrong here   I do LIKE training, exercise and going to ‘a gym’   But to most people THE gym is a COMMERCIAL gym – and those are …

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Dec 10

Stay Slim This Christmas

Yesterday was the Body Evolve ‘members only’ seminar and it went pretty wicked   Even if I say so myself haha   So I was talking to the members about:   > My hangover cure (how to not feel like shit)   > My top tips to minimise the festive period weight gain   > …

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Dec 09

NOT The Devil We Thought They Were

  Read something this morning that is pretty interesting – well for me anyway     It was a report about sweeteners (shared by a friend of mine Ben Coomber who is big in the nutrition industry)     And it was about replacing high calorie sugar with low calorie sweeteners     Which a …

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Dec 08

I’m (Not) A Celebrity…

So it is now OVER   I’m A Celeb is done for another year now – and there was a winner…   But I wont say who just incase I spoil it and you haven’t seen it 😉   I haven’t watched it religiously or anything but I watched some parts   Some of the …

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Dec 05

How To Get What You Want This December

Today we’re getting down to business nice and early   Fact is December is a funny old month – people are usually too busy preparing for Christmas to do anything else   Let alone think about their weight loss…   See MOST people are writing off this month and will probably just think of starting …

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Dec 04

I Was Addicted To the White Stuff

A few years ago I used to be an addict   A bit of a fiend you might say   I used to love it and I couldn’t get enough of it…   Not quite the white stuff you might be thinking though – although cocaine is all fun and games haha   I’m talking …

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