Monthly Archive: November 2014

Nov 28

“Can You Lose Weight With Diet Alone?”

Normally get this question quite a lot – and to be honest its been coming up quite a bit recently…   And its this:   “Can you lose weight with just diet alone and not doing any exercise?”   And the answer is: YES   Of course you can my friend   You can definitely …

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Nov 27

I Think I Saw Her At McDonalds

So yesterday morning after teaching the Body Evolve morning crew I popped down to Tesco   It’s just down the road and is 24/7 so was the only place open   (I needed some food in and didn’t have time the night before)   So anyway it’s the HUGE Tesco at the retail park   …

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Nov 26

I Know Why You’re Here…

You are frustrated, fed-up and frankly pissed off with your weight loss…   You’re sick of starting your diet every week only to get no where and see no movement on the scales… (which again makes you frustrated)   You’ve tried slimming clubs and weight loss classes that do help for a while but you …

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Nov 24

This might shock you…

Got a little story for you from the weekend that probably will shock you   Not in a bad way though   Just you might be surprised (usually people are)   So at the weekend I did two things you might be surprised to hear   1 – I went out for a few drinks …

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Nov 21

12 Things You May Not Know About Me

Bit of a change of pace with this email from normal stuff   Letting you in on the down-low about ME   Which makes me a little nervous but I’ve been challenged to share this   And hopefully I wont bore you 😉   So I’m gunna tell you 12 things you may not know …

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Nov 20

Don’t Email Me Again

Bit of a slap in the face when I get emails like the one I got the other day dude   See I send emails everyday (well it’s every week day)   To help you understand how to lose weight and to get a slimmer, more toned body…   Without starving yourself, living in the …

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Nov 19

The Great Calorie Myth

Every now and then I like to do a little bit of myth busting   Who ya gunna call – myth busters   Not quite the same ring to it and Ghost Busters but it will do…   Anyways I wanted to tell you about the Great Calorie Myth that is still wreaking havoc with …

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Nov 18

5 Ninja Tips To A Better Night’s Sleep

  You might thinking this is a one for snooze-ville (no pun intended)   BUT your sleep has a HUGE impact on your weight loss like you wouldn’t believe   I’ll say it till I’m blue in the face that your body changes at rest – aka when you’re asleep   Without enough rest or …

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Nov 17

What I’ve Learned From Weight Watchers

You might not believe it but I’ve actually learned something from Weight Watchers   Well not just weight watchers but also slimming world and other slimming clubs in general   Anyone who’s read my stuff for a while   Or knows me personally   Will know that I’m definitely not a big fan of slimming …

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Nov 14

Question From Anna

Got a question from Anna the other day that I think would be good to share   Cos its something that probably crops up quite a bit   Anna said “I’ve been dieting for a while and lost a bit of weight but I’ve been stuck at the same weight for quite a bit now …

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