Monthly Archive: October 2014

Oct 31

A Spooky Bite

Time for a Halloween themed email dude   Probably to be expected on Halloween to be fair   And I want to give you a few ideas of what you can do with the humble pumpkin…   Aside from making the standard jack-o-lantern (where you carve a face and have a candle in it)   …

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Oct 30

The Titanic And Your Weight Loss

I’m not even gunna ask if you’ve seen the film ‘Titanic’ – cos unless you’ve been living on a rock for most of your life I’ll assume you’ve seen it   And there’s always the scene towards the end that gets people annoyed   You know the part dude   Rose is on like a …

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Oct 28

She Said I’ve Lost My ‘Halo’

So at the weekend I was in my local pub with a few of my friends – just having a few sociable drinks and some “banter” as the kids say   And while I was there I bumped into someone who gets these daily emails that I send   (Hi Rachel by the way if …

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Oct 28

Cleaner Than ‘Cillit Bang’

You ever seen those adverts for the cleaning products Cillit Bang?   They’ve got that cheesy advert where they dip a penny in the solution and it comes out gleaming clean   And they go – “BANG and the dirt is gone”   Well it kinda reminds of the whole ‘clean eating’ way of dieting …

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Oct 27

I Can’t Afford It

WARNING: this might sting a little bit   But I gotta tell you straight my friend and this may help you overcome the position you find yourself in currently   If you are telling yourself that you “can’t afford” something then there’s not enough value in “it”   (Whatever “it” is for you)   Now …

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Oct 24

Why Bother?

Why bother?   Frustrated   Confused   Disappointed   Pissed off   Fed up   Maybe even feeling like just giving up on the whole ‘weight loss’ thing and accepting being fat and overweight…   You just think to yourself – “why bother?”   You’ve been good all week and been really strict and worked …

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Oct 23

How to NOT get slim…

Bit of a change of pace today my feathered friend…   Usually I’m all up in your grill teaching you how you can get a slimmer and more toned body and how to get fitter and feel healthier   WITHOUT living in the gym or starving yourself…   But today I’m gunna tell you how …

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Oct 22

This Could Get Messy (Truth Bomb)

Every now and then I like to drop a few truth bombs   Kinda like calling you out on the stuff you keep telling yourself about what’s holding you back from achieving the weight loss and the body you want   Cos you know I gotta tell you quite simply that sometimes the thing holding …

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Oct 21

Question From Steph

Got an email from Steph the other day which I’m pretty sure will be a popular question across the board   So I thought I’d share it with you today   Steph emailed saying:   “I’ve been eating pretty healthy and doing classes at the gym but my weight hasn’t been changing recently and I’m …

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Oct 20

It’s Like Deja Vu

You ever get that feeling of Déjà vu?   It’s pretty weird – feeling like you’ve already lived that moment and the feeling that you’ve been there before   You kind of think are you going crazy…   But ya know what – I’m sure its pretty similar with your diet   Ever get that …

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