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Sep 30

Low Calorie Could Be Keeping You Fat

This will probably go against everything you know about losing weight to be honest   And thats cool   Cos unless I’m wrong everything you know about losing weight PROBABLY hasn’t worked up until this point   Am I right or am I wrong – you tell me…   So basically I’m gunna show why …

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Sep 29

Get Paid To Lose Weight?

I’ve kinda kept quiet on this story cos I wanted to see what happened before giving my take on it   So I haven’t wrote an email or put up a Facebook status or anything   Obviously I’m talking about the story from last week about the 25 stone mam who wants more benefits to …

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Sep 26

Changing Your Habits, Change Your Life

If nothing changes then nothing changes   ^^^ Aint that the truth cupcake ^^^   Like literally if you are sick of feeling like crap every day and really low on energy like you could fall asleep every day   If you feel unhappy when you look in the mirror or when you go out …

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Sep 25

My Uncensored Opinion On Fat Burners

So something that comes up pretty regular from people asking my advice and messaging me on Facebook or emailing   Is asking my opinion on FAT BURNERS   Its something that comes up a lot because of what they promise to deliver   And I GET IT – I really do   They promise that …

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Sep 24

5 Steps To A Healthy Body

A healthy body doesn’t hold on to unwanted weight or excess fat   Getting healthy is the first step when it comes to losing weight or changing body shape   Cos then it becomes A LOT easier   And if you wanna get healthier today is the day to pay attention my friend   I’m …

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Sep 23

The Katie Hopkins Fiasco

Dunno if you seen this Katie Hopkins woman acting all high and mighty recently   Even more so than usual that is   She’s known for being (lets be honest) a bit of a bitch   Like going on tele and saying the name of children has a reflection on who they are and stuff …

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Sep 22

What Happened To Rachael

Thought I’d kick the week off with a cool story for you today about what happened to one of our members at Body Evolve   I’m hoping that Rachael’s story will give you an insight into what we do at Body Evolve (and why we’re so awesome)   But also to motivate and inspire you …

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Sep 19

I Was Lying…

I gotta come clean and tell the truth on this one   Cos being honest is always the best policy wouldn’t ya say dude   And the honest truth is that I was lying…   To MYSELF   (Okay maybe no lying but I wasn’t being totally honest to myself)   Basically a few months …

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Sep 18

Real Good Eating [Recipe Inside]

I am a man of my word – and earlier in the week I promised to give ya one of my FAVOURITE recipes   To be honest its quite a recent revelation for me you could say   Something of a new sensation ya might say   And it is a ‘Spanish Style Inspired Chicken …

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Sep 17

3 steps to a smaller waist and a flatter stomach

As we move into the last few months of the year its REALLY easy for the waistline to expand   Darker nights, colder days leads to wanting more comfort from foot AND a bit of extra padding isn’t too bad when covered in big winter clothes right?   But its really easy to get out …

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