Monthly Archive: August 2014

Aug 28

How Clean Eating Made Me FAT

Got a CrAzY story for you today like dude   About how ‘clean eating’ was making me fat and what I’ve done about it   Seriously   And straight off you might be a little confused – usually you’ll hear the whole “eat clean, get lean” and all that stuff   I’ve never really been …

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Aug 27

What To Do If You Feel Scared

I wanna really help you out today my friend   Cos this is something I was told recently and I think its something that could help you out too   “If your fear of moving forward and making a change is greater than your fear of staying the same then you wont make a change” …

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Aug 22

How To Survive A Bank Holiday Weekend

The weekend is a major stumbling block for A LOT of people. Its just so easy to fall off the wagon and ruin all your weight loss effort from the rest of the week   And a bank holiday is normally even more so – that extra day of weekend is even more reason to …

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Aug 20

What The Ice Bucket Can Teach Us

The latest craze to sweep social media and go viral is the ice bucket challenge   Not quite as extreme as that neknominate thing where people actually died from it   Although I’ve seen some people have the buckets full of ice dropped on there head which wont of tickled like   And I can …

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Aug 19

Email From Kelly

Got this email from Kelly the other day   “Hiya Andrew I’m really interested in joining Body Evolve but I’ve got a couple of questions.   1. Do I need to be really fit before I join?    2. I’ve got quite a busy social life so will that be a problem with your program? …

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Aug 18

Eat Your Own Fist

Are you one of those weird/cool people who has a massive mouth can fit their whole fist in it?   Bit of a weird party trick but usually gets a few laughs   Sadly I’ve got a tiny mouth and big hands so I cant do that   On the plus side THAT isn’t what …

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Aug 15

Lessons From Toddlers For Meta-fit and Insanity

 If you read my emails regularly you’ll know that I always try to look for lessons in everything   Or at least something to learn from   And then I share it with you and how it relates to weight loss – cos I’m cool like that   BUT I bet you didn’t think there …

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Aug 14

Help me help you

Just a quick one from me today and I’m reaching out to you my friend   I write emails every day through the week with helpful tips and advice to help you with your weight loss journey   I get some good responses telling me its good stuff that its very helpful etc.   And …

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Aug 13

Spice Up Your Life

Yep I did just drop a Spice Girls lyric on you – does that make me cool now?   And I wanna talk  to you about how to “spice up your life” but mainly through your food and diet   The thing I see the most when people are dieting is that their food is …

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Aug 12

Genie. You’re Free!

Some sad news this morning about Robin Williams dying last night   When I was little I loved films like Mrs Doubtfire, Jumanji, Flubber and even more recently with Happy Feet   Who doesn’t love penguins man?!   But I don’t wanna dwell on sad news and get you down today   Far from it …

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