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Jul 31

Tickling my testimonials

Ya might think my ego doesnt need a boost dude – I’d disagree cos belief is different to ego   But anyway I did recieve a boost to my ego recently when one of my member at Body Evolve sent me a testimonial of her time so far with the group   I dont really …

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Jul 30

It’s like a scary movie to me

I can just hear the sound effects from that psycho film in the shower scene with the knife   Like “eeee-eee-eee-eee”   Do you know the one I mean? That isn’t a good description really is it…   Anyway that was someone’s reaction when I asked them about exercise, if they do it and what …

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Jul 29

But It Worked For Her…

Today I’m coming at you with a mixture of advice and a rant – everyone loves a good ol’ rant now and then right?   So it’s along the lines of the “it worked for them” mentality   It’s something that I hear so much and its kind of like a justification for being lazy …

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Jul 25

I Don’t Sell Sunglasses On The Beach

Pretty obvious subject line today – I literally don’t sell sunglasses on the beach   Although it would be canny to be on a beach somewhere hot in the middle of summer and getting a tan   But the reason I’m telling ya this is cos usually when you’re abroad and one of the lucky …

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Jul 24

It’s OK to not be OK

You ever have one of them days where you just feel down and a bit shit? Well I’m having one of them days today   Just feel physically and emotionally drained   Tell you the truth I’m on my fucking knees right now   But everyone’s been there right? It’s a part of life and …

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Jul 23

2 Simple Ways To Get A Flatter Stomach

WARNING: after reading this you are likely to see your waist shrink and your stomach become flatter (IF you take action on what I’m gunna tell you)   Fair enough right? So keep reading cupcake   So now that summer is in full swing and we’ve actually got some warm weather (strange I know) and …

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Jul 22

Blowing Rainbow Snots

Stay with me on this cos there’s a lesson in here dude…   At the weekend I did the Colour Run down next the stadium of light. It’s basically a 5k run where you get paint flung off you at different intervals   They call it the happiest 5k on the planet   And I …

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Jul 21

Now it’s your turn to help

Hopefully by now you aren’t sick of me banging on about the charity session I was holding   Well if you were shame on you – it was for a good cause   So it was held on Saturday and things went really well in the end. A great turn out with some awesome people …

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Jul 18

She Called Me Mr. Motivator

Last weekend I was at my cousin and cousin-in-laws wedding (is cousin-in-law a thing by the way)   It was a great day the sun was shining and my cousin looked lovely   The reception and part were at the Stadium of Light as well which was a good setting cos there was so many …

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Jul 17

Cut Open To Lose Weight?

Did you see the recent news that came out about how the NHS is going to do more weight loss surgery for people with type 2 diabetes?   It was reported last week and I got a bit of a shock when I read it   Cos it just seems stupid to me to be …

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