Monthly Archive: May 2014

May 30

3 Ways To Get A Toned Booty

Bootylicious – that’s a word right? I’m sure destiny’s child invented it but its something everyone wants   I don’t think your ready for this jelly and all that   Even as a lad I want a booty! Not quite like J-Lo style but you’ve seen footballers behinds haven’t you?   Well there ya go …

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May 29

For The Love Of Food (Recipe Inside)

I love food. You probably already know that – and to be fair I could eat myself into a food coma if I allowed myself to haha   But I do love looking and feeling good a bit more to be fair and that’s why I don’t   I wanna be healthy and feel and …

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May 28

What I’ve Learned In The Last Week

Well, what a week and what a weekend I have had   If you didn’t know I was away living it up in Magaluf of all places with 15 of my mates – which is the reason for the lack of an email from me for the past few days   But im back in …

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May 21

Have you lost weight?

Its great when you hear that isn’t it? And people have been saying it to me recently   If you didn’t know today I am off to Magaluf for the weekend with my bros. In fact I might even be there right NOW (I’ve written this in advance for you)   So in the lead …

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May 21

What Happened To Jessica

Today I wanna tell you the story of what happened to Jessica after she decided to get her hands on her own copy of the Body Evolve Cookbook   If you’re smart you’ve already got your own copy 😉 if not this might interest you   So Jessica invested in a cookbook a couple of …

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May 20

CrAzY weight loss lessons from Game Of Thrones

So today I’m gunna explain the CrAzY weight loss lessons from that REALLY big hit show that’s on at the minute called Game of Thrones   Nearly EVERYONE I speak to is telling me to watch it but I’ve gotta be honest I’ve only seen 1 or 2 episodes   Its definitely my kind of …

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May 19

The Answer For BBQ Lovers

I had a question from Cheryl over the weekend (hey Cheryl) and she was asking how to be “good” while at a BBQ   Who doesn’t love a good barbie?   And over the weekend we had some nice weather and I know more than a few people dug out the barbeque, blew off the …

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May 15

A Sad But Inspiring Story (Stephen’s Story)

Okay so promise not to cry on this one as it is a pretty sad and touching story but definitely an inspirational one   You might have seen stuff on facey or twitter and other social networks about “stephens story” – a teenager with terminal cancer   Stephen raised 3 MILLION QUID for teenage cancer …

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May 14

The Place Of Dreams

When you are dreaming what are you doing? Well most probably you are sleeping at least I’d hope you are and not dreaming while driving to work or something   That shits dangerous   So listen I want to talk about sleep and why it is so important. The reason is that there was a …

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May 13

A Big Sweaty Mess…

When it comes to exercise it can be a bit of a love-hate relationship right? Maybe even a hate relationship sometimes   Your muscles hurts, you get out of breath, you get sweaty, and the next day you are usually canny sore as well   Not really selling it am I mate?   But its …

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