Monthly Archive: April 2014

Apr 30

I Was REALLY Shocked When I Heard The News

Did you see the horrible news that came out a few days ago?   I was pretty shocked when I seen it and I know a lot of other people were too. It’s not something you want or even expect to hear really   If you didn’t know I’m talking about the news that a …

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Apr 29

(As Promised) 3 Ways To Blast Belly Fat

So just as I promised today I am hitting you with 3 ways that you can blast your belly fat and get that slimmer stomach you want right now   Just in time for summer too   Ah the belly – also known as the kite, the gut, the tummy, the spare tyre and any …

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Apr 28

Are you lying to yourself?

If you feel stuck right now and you just don’t know where you are going wrong then this is for you   Does this sound familiar to you   “I just don’t know why I cant lose any weight, I’m eating right and exercising but it just doesn’t seem to be shifting”   You might …

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Apr 25

I Am Just Too Kind (Recipe Inside)

Yo yo yo   So if you aint got me on Facebook, or you’ve not seen any of my posts this week then you missed a big opportunity   After the Easter weekend I saw loads of people complaining about so much chocolate being around and eating chocolate for breakfast   Now THAT is the …

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Apr 24

Can You Afford Healthy?

If you walk around your local supermarket and you’ll see the percentage of fresh foods to processed foods is VERY low   I’d be willing to bet that major supermarkets like Morrisons or Asda and that the fresh foods section is something like a third of the whole supermarket   I’m talking fresh fruit and …

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Apr 23

Be As Fit As Captain America

Captain America is pretty bad ass you’d have to say and today I want to tell you how you can be as fit as him   Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years and missed any of the Captain America films or the Avengers film (after the huge …

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Apr 22

The Rough With The Smooth

Got a little story for you today my friend   Over the weekend I experienced both sides to a coin of me putting out info and content for you. The good and the bad really   Cos I think there is a good lesson in there   So basically over the weekend I was out …

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Apr 18

The Day Jesus Died And Your Easter Eggs (Easter Weekend Advice)

Okay so today marks the start of the Easter weekend, celebrating the life, death and rebirth of Jesus   Well thats if you’re religious – for most other people it’s just celebrating the fact they are off work haha   I’m not really religious to be fair so I’ll just be enjoying a bit of …

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Apr 17

The Rock’s Epic Cheat

rock cheat

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Apr 17

Becoming A Cheater (Why You SHOULD Cheat)

Cheaters are pretty awesome animals   They’re the fastest land animal if you didn’t know that, and they’ve got cool patterns in their fur too   And today I’m actually going to tell you why you should become a cheater   But I’m not talking about you turning into the fastest land animal or getting …

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